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These are the 5 things that will affect the flight of the ball. It can be a good flight or a bad flight. Enjoy and repeat the good ones and learn from the bad ones! You should commit these to memory and know them in this order below.

#1 Angle of Attack – (AOA) The angle is either up or down into the ball with the club head. The only two times it is up is when driving with woods off a tee and putting. When you start the hole and finish the hole you swing up. Every other shot has a downward AOA.

#2 Club Face -  Face is responsible for the initial direction (deflection) of the ball’s flight. It can be to the right, left or online with the target line.

#3 Club Path – If the face “sends it” then the path “bends it”. Path in relationship with the face causes wanted (desired) or unwanted (slice) curve to the ball.

#4 Centeredness of Hit – Hitting in the center of the club face (SweetSpot) is paramount to hitting a good shot. Hitting off-centered shots (toe or heel) will affect the overall distance and cause the ball to curve left or right. This curve affect is not as dramatic or powerful as the face/path relationship.

#5 Club Head Speed- Maximizing club head speed without violating Ball Flight Laws one through four is the ultimate goal. 

#1 and #5 are responsible for getting the ball “in the air”. #2,#3 and #4 are responsible for the curvature of the ball once it is in flight.

​You can print this brief explanation out (of the 5 BFL’s) or cut and paste and store on your phone and bring to your lessons or practice sessions on the range. No more guessing what is wrong or what to “fix” next. The 5BFL’s are all you need to make an adjustment to your very next attempt!

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