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The Hole in One Club will help improve your ability to control 5 Ball Flight Laws:

  • Angle of Attack
  • Club Face Angle
  • Club Path
  • Centredness of Hit (Sweet Spot!)
  • Club Head Speed


Training with the Fatt Matt Hole In One Club by purposely trying to miss the ball shifts your focus away from the ball and into your control of your movements while holding the club. Your Hole In One Club purchase will come with specialized video training exercises. Coach Mark shows you how to use the Hole In One Club and how to become a better ball striker by controlling your impact.


PGA/LPGA/USGTF professional pricing available, click here to contact us


WARNING: The Fatt Matt Golf Hole in One Club (HIO) is to be used with Fatt Matt Golf balls, conventional full sized or other limited flight  golf balls.

Using the HIO to miss or strike any other object is prohibited and can void any warranties.

Fatt Matt Golf - Hole In One Club

SKU: 364215375135191
  • 90 day return policy is eligible only due to manufacturing defects (grip not included). For a full refund, the returned product must be damage-free. Customer pays return shipping.

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